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Low Voltage Landscape Lighting System

Few things will impact your home's curb appeal more than a professionally installed landscape lighting system.

Advancements in LED technology have allowed the cost and style of these extremely energy efficient systems to become more attractive than ever.

Not only will landscape lighting dramatically enhance your home's curb appeal, it will extend your living space to include the outdoor environment (especially in warmer months).

When designing your exterior lighting, Rock Creek will help to create a system that maximizes the existing elements of your property. Up until now, the aesthetics (and investment) of your home and landscape have been shaded in darkness once the sun sets...No more!

On Site Landscape Lighting Demo

We want you to see the amazing difference a quality lighting system can make on your property. That is why we're now offering a 100% Free Demo Experiences. During this simple process a crew of our skilled technicians will come to your home, set up a basic system, and let you see in person, exactly how your property will respond to one of these incredibly energy efficient systems.

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Benefits Of Landscape Lighting


One of the most obvious benefits to installing a landscape lighting system is the aesthetic enhancement it provides to both your home and the surrounding landscape. These systems are designed to subtly accent architectural and landscape features while making the home more inviting and accessible after dark. When done right, incorporating lights into the outdoor environment adds a unique sense of enchantment and class to a property.


In addition to the aesthetic benefit, a properly installed lighting system increases the overall functionality of outdoor living spaces while adding next to nothing on your electricity bill.

Home Security

It is a known fact that a well lit home is typically less of a target for vandalism or burglary. Illuminating the exterior of your home makes it difficult for someone to approach without being noticed.

Personal Safety

The safety of your family and guests when outside or entering the home is another (often over looked) benefit of outdoor lighting. The exterior of homes can be full of potential tripping hazards; such as stairs, drop-offs, bed edges and pools. Installing lighting near or around these locations makes them more visible and may help to prevent a fall or other injury. Additionally, by illuminating the driveway, walkway, and house numbers you help to ensure that visitors can find your home with ease and are safe while doing so.

Types of Fixtures

Area/ Walkway Lights:

These types of fixtures are great for use along patios, walkways and within beds. They help to set the boundary of hardscapes while also assisting family and guests in seeing while traveling across outdoor areas.

Up-light Fixtures:

For up-lighting on unique landscape features, trees and home. These simple yet heavy duty fixtures help to bring your property to life.

Down-lighting (Moonlight):

By strategically positioning fixtures in high points throughout the property, you are able to cast light on areas that would otherwise be kept in the dark. This is often referred to as "moonlight" due to its ability to provide light (during night) from above, similar to a full moon.

Flood Lights:

This type of lighting is great when looking to illuminate an object or area with a broader, more encompassing feel. Projecting light at a distance provides a soft/warm tone that can accent a feature without making it feel as if it is under a direct/overpowering spotlight.