Benefits of Tree Planting

Whether you are replacing a recently removed tree or simply looking to add some character to your property, planting a new tree offers countless benefits.

Beauty: Trees offer a variety of environmental and aesthetic advantages. From Fall color to Spring flowers, they add irreplaceable texture and character to a property.

Environment: Not only do trees absorb a massive amount of CO2, but they also help to produce the oxygen we need to breathe. A pair of mature trees produce enough oxygen in one year to supply a family of four.

Privacy & Noise Reduction: Trees can be used as a natural and effective privacy screen. They also can be used as a sounds barrier, muffling noise from things such as nearby roads.

Money & Energy Savers: Trees directly and indirectly save us lots of cash. Take in to consideration that trees shade our homes (saving us energy in the heat of summer), decrease air pollution, slow the effects of storm water, recycle water to the atmosphere, and hold soil/sediment in place – mitigating erosion.

Windbreak: Trees can serve as a very effective windbreak. protecting your home. If you are interested in planting a new tree on your property, let one of Rock Creek’s certified Arborists help in the decision-making process. From choosing a species, to size and placement. We are here to help!

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