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Our Firewood

All of our firewood is locally harvested and has been seasoned for at least 1 full year and/or kiln dried to the appropriate moisture content; meaning it's ready to burn right away! Currently selling 1/2 and Full Cords. Free Delivery is included with every firewood purchase.

What is a Cord?

A cord of firewood measures 4 ft. x 4 ft. x 8 ft., yielding a total volume of 128 cubic feet. This standard volume is what you should expect once the wood has been delivered and stacked. While the Cord has evolved to be the most common means of measuring firewood (and in MD is the form required by law); it is not the only method. Other forms of measurement include face cord, stack, rick and truckload. Before buying, be sure you are aware of this terminology so that you receive the correct quantity of wood you're expecting (and paying for!).

Many people prefer to heat their homes with wood, and for good reason. Wood gives a rich, dry heat that seems to warm you from the inside out. Many also prefer the dancing flame of the fire itself to that of a gas or oil burner. Plus, modern wood stoves reduce pollution.

Types of Wood

Choosing wood is easy. Oak has more heat content than maple, but the main consideration is dryness. It takes about 12 months to fully season firewood — that is, for it to air-dry enough to allow it to burn efficiently. Green wood—that which isn’t yet sufficiently dry—burns poorly. It gives off more smoke and less heat, plugs up your chimney and ultimately wastes your money. Species matters less than dryness, so whatever wood you use, make sure it’s been split in half, if not quarters, for at least nine months before burning.

One of the greatest hallmarks of firewood is it’s natural. Odds are that it grew within 15 miles of your home, so it’s the ultimate “buy local” example. The economics of burning wood is still a good deal as well, even with the recent decline of fossil fuel prices. Pound for pound, or rather, dollar for dollar, wood is about as cheap as oil, and let’s be honest: wood is just plain prettier. And more fun. And satisfying.

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