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24/7 Crane Services

In many instances the tree removal process can be made safer and more efficient with the use of a crane. While many companies avoid using a crane due to the major rental fees associated with such, when you choose to go with Rock Creek, you receive our professional climbers and ground personnel paired with our Specialized Crane unit. This combination of in-house skill and equipment results in top notch service at extremely competitive rates.

Emergency Storm Clean-up & Tree Removal

During emergency events, Rock Creek's quick response crews are ready to help. Powerful storms effecting our area are not uncommon. When the ground becomes saturated with heavy rains, followed by intense winds, trees are liable to fall. When trees experience this combination of events, serious damage can occur.

In an emergency situation, safety comes first. If a tree falls onto your home, the first thing to do is make sure everyone is okay. Next, it is recommended that you touch base with your insurance agency to notify them of the situation. They will more than likely advise you reach out to a local tree company to provide an estimate. During this process it is critical that you choose a company that is experienced and has the equipment/personnel to handle such hazardous situations. This will help ensure that no further damage or liability occurs.

Emergency Crane Work

Due to the nature of the situation at hand, emergency tree removal (especially off of homes), can be extremely dangerous. Therefore, experience and communication are key. When you choose to go with Rock Creek you receive our in house crane, operator, and crew members who work together everyday. This daily comradery makes a huge difference when it comes to high stakes tree removals. Upon completion of the removal our crew can assist in temporary tarp installation (when necessary), to help avoid further damage from rain/snow.

How does the process work with Insurance?

More often than not your insurance company will cover the cost of an emergency tree removal which has come into contact and/or is being taken off of a structure. When it comes to a tree falling onto/from your neighbor's property the law states that responsibility is drawn at the property line. It is also important to know that, if a tree does not come in contact with a structure, your insurance company may not assist in coverage. Every insurance agency is different and it is always best to be up to date with the rules of your policy so if/when an emergency tree removal arises, you know your coverage.

If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to contact us at 301-580-6023 or use the form located on this page to get in contact with us!