Tree Pruning & Maintenance

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Maintaining Healthy Trees

Pruning is the most common procedure when it comes to maintaining the long term health and aesthetics of a tree. Whatever the situation may be, Rock Creek's fully licensed and insured crews along with our MD Licensed Tree Experts/Certified Arborists, are ready to help.

From the beginning of your experience with Rock Creek you will receive expert insight on the health/condition of your trees along with detailed recommendations for managing them going forward.

A look at Pruning:

There are several different pruning techniques that may be implemented based on the unique circumstance of every tree. While trees have an incredible ability to maintain themselves, when it comes to urban areas in which safety and property damage are a concern - pruning becomes a necessary force in ensuring productive co-existence between us and our woody friends.

Structural Crown Thinning (cleaning):

Almost every tree at some point in its life cycle can benefit from a full structural crown thinning. During this canopy cleaning process Rock Creek’s profession climbers examine the tree; selectively removing dead, disease, broken, crossing, and water-sprout (suckering) branches. While this process is time intensive and requires immense skill to perform correctly; it is a worthwhile action in promoting the overall health, structure, safety and beauty of a tree.


Selective (clearance) Pruning:

Selective pruning concentrates on the removal of specific branches that may pose clearance or visibility issues. This includes the removal of problematic branches that may be encroaching or overhanging your roof, shed, parking areas, other trees, etc. In addition to increased clearance, selective pruning can help to decrease the amount of debris accumulation onto the yard, roof, and within gutters while also allowing more sunlight to reach areas below.


Crown Reduction:

Reducing the canopy of a tree often involves thinning the outer portions. When done correctly, crown reduction pruning can help to decrease the height and width of a trees canopy without compromising its natural structure. In turn, this method can help decrease potential storm damage.
Note: This is NOT topping. Topping is a harmful pruning method that will result in poor structural growth. As a rule of thumb, a company or individual that recommends topping may not be educated in the health or biology of trees.

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