Tree Removal

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How will you know when your tree needs to be removed?

Sometimes the answer to this question can be obvious, other times it is not. Take into consideration the points below if you are questioning the removal of a tree.

Reasons for Removal

  • The tree is dying or fully dead. Dead and/or dying trees pose a major threat to safety and property due to their extreme unpredictability. The longer you delay the removal of a dying/dead tree, the more dangerous it becomes to handle (often increasing cost).
  • The tree is in poor health or possesses characteristics that may threaten human safety and/or property. Some of these may include substantial decay, heavy lean, poor branch unions, included bark, broken/suspended limbs, cracks/splits on trunk, mounding at the base, etc. Some of these issues are easy to detect while others may be hidden from plain sight.
  • The tree has sustained substantial storm damage. While trees can live on long after damage has occurred, it is never a bad idea to have them evaluated after any major winter or summer storms.
  • The tree is located in close proximity of homes, building, parking areas, roads, utility lines, etc.
  • The tree’s roots are damaging the foundation of your home, drive way, or walkway.
  • The tree is in the way of future building or other projects which inhernently take priority.
  • The tree has “out-grown” its location and beginning to endanger persons or property.
  • The tree has become diseased or infestation beyond reasonable treatment. (Example: Extensive impact from Emerald Ash Borer).

If a tree on your property is showing any of these signs, call today and have one of Rock Creek’s Certified Arborists provide a full assessment. We have the knowledge, equipment, and expertise necessary to handle any and all of your tree removal needs.

If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to contact us at 301-580-6023 or use the form located on this page to get in contact with us!